Hello there, I am Calebro an Indie web developer and technical writer


I'm calebro, an Indie Web Developer and Technical Writer

I mainly write about blockchain technology,web3, cryptocurrencies, and programming.

Some of the notable platforms I have written for are Hashnode web3 blog and section.io

My tech stack mainly includes Next.js, TailwindCSS, DaisyUI, Supabase and GraphQL

Currently, I am working on two side projects cretme.com and metavarsity.xyz

To hire me or collaborate with me reach me on Twitter

What do I do?

Web Development

I build scalable web apps using Next.js, supabase,GraphQL and TailwindCSS

Technical Writing

They say Content is King. I break down complex technical content into simply understandable articles.

Content Editing

Creating content is not just enough, I will curate and optimize content to reach your audience.

Find all the blogs I have written on different platforms here.